Brand Spotlight: Ben Nye

Brand Spotlight: Ben Nye

Hey Queens! If you have not heard of Ben Nye you must crawl out from under – well, whomever you are under, my dear – and get educated! Ben Nye is THE iconic makeup brand your fellow stars are luuuurving.  So listen up!

Over 50 years ago Ben Nye, Sr – who was lead makeup artist for over 500 classic Hollywood films from 1936-1982, thank you very much – started creating makeup products for himself and other cinema artists that had to stand up to rigorous filming schedules and the demands of top movie stars and studios. He listened to the feedback of other artists and continually worked to develop a higher standard of professional product formulation. Before long, makeup artists started looking to Nye for products, inspiration, and style, as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable artists working in the business.

Any makeup that can stand up to long filming days can hold its own against second shows, bucking and twirling, Day Drag, and that sweaty little dressing room in the club! is an authorized seller of Ben Nye makeup, and we are pleased to bring you a variety of these famous top-quality products to add to your stash and step your kitty up. Let’s introduce you to a few of these incredible products, shall we?

Oh la la - the Ben Nye MagiCake Face and Body Paint is perfect for creating your ultimate fantasy look. Professional face and body painters love working with this water activated formula and know that mixing it with Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing Liquid makes it uncrackable. All. Night. Long. Setting it with Ben Nye Final Seal makeup sealer will make it even more resistant to rubbing and moisture - positively bulletproof. So don't be scurred to werk it in this paint.

Not all Clown White makeup is created equal. Ben Nye Clown White is the one  you want. Beloved for its intense white pigmentation and covering power, Ben Nye Clown White is a Drag makeup kit must-have - as a high lift brightening highlight, eyeshadow base, liner, and base makeup for specialty looks. For those who prefer a lighter formula, there's Ben Nye Clown White Lite.  Set it down with Ben Nye's famous Setting Powders in Neutral Set or Super White. 

The Ben Nye MediaPRO Poudre Palettes include eight shades of pigmented micro-milled pressed powder that will totally finish you – well, your makeup – off. Set, highlight and contour with these powders in specialty shades for fair and deep tones, and create that flawless finish others will be ultra jealous of.

A sexy red pout says it all! And with Ben Nye Pressed Powder Lip Color in True Red you’ll never leave your lipstick mark anywhere scandalous again. Use this unique lip color on its own, or layer over any red lipstick to intensify the pigment and set to an ultra-matte finish.

Ben Nye Five O’Sharp is what you need to make yourself into the Queen you are! This wondrous warm-toned cream relieves you of pesky Willam-o'clock shadow – as well as tattoos, birthmarks, and anything else you want to hide. As with any concealer you can apply this over top of your foundation – but a true queen secret is to apply it, set it with powder (Ben Nye Neutral Set is the one to pick!) and then apply your foundation and other products. She's a Woman!

No need to pinch those cheeks honey! Ben Nye Dry Powder Rouge will give you that pop of color you are looking for. No one will be able to tell if you’re blushing because you’ve been naughty or if you’re just glowing with happiness because your makeup looks so on point.

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! Is there any other way?! Add a special surprise anywhere on your body with Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter. This super fine glitter adheres well when you use Ben Nye Glitter Glue – or take a note from the experts and create a subtle all over “I glow girl” look by mixing a touch of this glitter with foundation or lotion. Sweep Ben Nye Aqua Glitter , a no-mess liquid formula, on your eyes, lips, or…well, you decide - for a bold glitter look that will dry – and last – after applying. Go BIG time with shimmer and shine by using Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder, a shimmering lustre pigment with microglitter sparkles. Mix it with Ben Nye Liquiset Mixing Liquid to create the ultimate sparkly pigment paint!

For years now Ben Nye has been the absolute worst kept secret for Queens who want their makeup to look great - and last. Get on board and find your new ultimate makeup favorites at


DQM Blog Queen Erika Palmer is a freelance writer and Glamour Lover.

photo: Ben Nye