Brand Spotlight: Crystal Hearts

Brand Spotlight: Crystal Hearts

When you use Crystal Hearts Cosmetics you can be confident in the knowledge that you will look good and feel good about buying makeup with impeccable ingredients and that helps others – and what Queen doesn’t love that?!

Launched just a few years ago, Crystal Hearts has already taken the cosmetic world by storm. The founders and creative team bring a total of over 30 years worth of makeup and beauty experience to this awesome (not so) little brand – and it sure shows in their expertly formulated cosmetics. This small but mighty company also believes strongly in giving back – and they do so by partnering with a variety of non-profit organizations throughout the Los Angeles area, where they are proudly based. Oh, did we mention all crystal hearts products are made in the USA using only 100% cruelty free, ethically sourced ingredients?! Halleloo! All of their products are made with love – and we love how their products can transform us into something absolutely spectacular!

Sometimes it's hard, but you do have to take that makeup off! Crystal Hearts Glacial Water Cleansing Sherbet effectively breaks down hard to remove liquid matte lipsticks and all kinds of high-performance makeup such as heavy foundations and intense eyeshadows. This professional formula has deep cleansing properties that easily melt away all traces of even heavy applications without rubbing or tugging, leaving your skin hydrated, smooth, and radiant - ready to stun the world with your natural beauty. Available in 30 ml and 90 ml sizes.

Pucker up and take the stage with the Crystal Hearts Liquid Matte Lipstick. Who has time for touch ups? Not you! You want to perfect that pout and move on to BIGGER and better things – you only need one coat of this highly pigmented color and it will last through the entire night – no matter what (or who!) you lay your lips upon. The colors all have ultra-feminine names which only helps to complete your transformation. Embrace your inner Dahlia with vibrant red, go bold with Chrissa – a pop of deco-pink, Brandie likes it deep and dark, and Alani likes to be playful and fun with an coral pout.

Check out these amazing cruelty-free products on along with a huge variety of everything you will ever need to get your mug and get your life!


DQM Blog Queen Erika Palmer is a freelance writer and Glamour Lover.


photo: Crystal Hearts Cosmetics