Brand Spotlight: Kryolan Professional Make-Up

Brand Spotlight: Kryolan Professional Make-Up is so pleased to be authorized sellers of one of the most iconic cosmetic brands – Kryolan Professional Make-Up! For more than 70 years this company has been manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting professional makeup products using unmatched proprietary formulas that have become industry standards. Drag Queens and professional makeup artists KNOW where to find the good stuff, so they’ve been hooked on Kryolan for years. Now the tea has started to spill, and many non-professional glamour lovers consider Kryolan a must-have for full beat lewks.

Today is the day and Kryolan TV Paint Stick is the one! Offering legendary durability and the fullest of full coverage, KTVPS is the base makeup of choice for many Drag Queens and your favorite performing divas. The proprietary emollient formula glides on to cover discolorations, texture, and even hair on the face. Make that already long-lasting foundation absolutely bulletproof with Kryolan Ultra Underbase and Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray! Using these three products together will keep your makeup smudge proof and locked down no matter how hot the lights or how tight the tights! Many Queens who use KTVPS choose three shades for contour, highlight, and mid-tone, as the formula blends best with itself. But the absolute coverage makes this a perfect choice if you want to change your skin tone for creating a character. DQM carries KTVPS in 25 of the 200 plus natural skin tone and fantasy shades created by Kryolan (with more on the way soon).

Now, we all want to shine – but not in the T-zone! Throw some shade on that shiny face with Kryolan Translucent Powder! Apply with the ultra soft Kryolan Large Velour Powder Puff generously to set your foundation – let it “bake” for five minutes (or longer), then dust away the excess. Every Drag Queen – as well as celebrity makeup artists like  Mario Dedivanovic – all know that baking is the key to a flawless, long-lasting application.  Finish or touch up with a fine dusting of Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder to keep blingy nose and forehead at bay.

The Kryolan Lip Rouge Wheels include six shades of professional quality lip colors - all you need to carry with you for touch-ups through long days and hot nights. Mix the colors to create your signature shade, bump the intensity up to go from day to night, and use them on your cheeks as cream rouge. A swipe of Kryolan Lip Fix on top will make your lip color stay put through eating, drinking, performing, and…well, whatever else you may get up to!

Fret not about your vibrant makeup color fading or creasing during your long night of sipping and twirling because professional face and body painting artists all agree that Kryolan Aquacolor Makeup is the product to use for achieving long-lasting, pigment-intense body art. Check out the HUGE variety of shades offers - you can truly embody that special character with a seamless head-to-toe transformation.

You’ve likely seen top makeup artists use mixing tools like the Kryolan Makeup Mixing Palette with Spatula and now YOU can use it to become your own makeup master! Use this palette to mix shades (from your Kryolan Cream Color Makeup Wheel!) to create that perfect, unique color – add in some Kryolan Glimmer Cosmetic Glitter to kick it up a notch. No more scooping or pouring out too much product onto the back of your hand – the spatula portions out just the amount you want hygienically. The stainless steel mixing palette surface is non-porous so you don’t waste any of your precious product.

Your makeup isn’t done until your lashes are – and the Kryolan Black Feathery Long Eyelashes will take you over the finish line. These lashes are extra long with a feathery look that you can use as-is, or snip and stack to create super dramatic long lash looks. Quite a bit longer than your 301's.

These fabulous Kryolan products are just a taste! Find these, and the rest of the Kryolan Professional Make-Up products we at use and love on our site.


DQM Blog Queen Erika Palmer is a freelance writer and glamour lover.


photo: Kryolan Professional Make-up