DQM Pink Lemonade: RuPaul's Drag Race S11 Episode 2

DQM Pink Lemonade: RuPaul's Drag Race S11 Episode 2

Like Jasmine Masters, we here at DragQueenMakeup.com have something to say! And here is where we say it - all tea, no shade, it's DQM Pink Lemonade! Join us here every week for an opinionated Ru-cap of the lewks, challenges, drama, gags, and twists over to Mean Ms. Charles Cutthroat Charm School and Best Friend Race. 

What dat Episode Two do?


After the previous elimination, Soju has sashayed away, but the show must go on!  Now with more puns and references to cysts!

Brooke Lynn celebrates her win, while Scarlet mopes.

The next day, returning fresh and frisky to the Werk Room, Silky quickly regrets starting up a game of 'Bang, Marry, Kill,' when all of the Queens vote to kill her. Trading light shade is interrupted by the 'Ooh, Girl' siren.

The Mini Challenge

On the monitor, Gamazon Ru, apparently teleconferencing in from the Sparkle galaxy, delivers a cryptic message laden with movie references. Mr. Ru enters, in an uncharacteristically understated navy suit, and describes the challenge. Fortunately, or not, it's one we've seen before: the Queens will get into Quick Drag and pose for images that will be integrated into celebrity photos as photobombs. 

The ensuing mugging and struggling is what we would expect of such a challenge, but Brooke Lynn serves up an impressive spread eagle and bottom baring, while Silky goes full butt ass nekkid, both clinching the mini challenge win. 

The Maxi Challenge

The two Mini Challenge winners are appointed team captains for the Maxi Challenge - creating two film parodies featuring all Drag Queen casts: 'Why it Gotta Be Black, Panther,' and 'Good God Girl Get Out.' As is usually the case when teams need a picking, there's drama. As the teams fill up, Scarlet seethes about getting picked last. Whether she's playing up for the camera or is really as confident in her abilities as she would have us believe, the brattiness is not a good look. She vows that underestimating her is a big mistake. Huge. Whatever. girl!

As the teams break into working groups, Brooke Lynn expresses concern that the big personalities on Silky's team will clash chaotically.

Ru approaches Brooke Lynn's Team WIGBBP, first. Asking leading questions about how the girls are getting along. What follows is a flood of complaints, led by Ariel (this is important later) about Silky's domineering and attention seeking ways. All of the team chime in (this is important later), but Ru advises the Queens to step up and compete for the attention Silky is commanding. He clearly has not seen the tape of Silky's antics at this point.

Ru then goes over to Silky's Team GGGGO, with the express intention of confronting Silky with what has been said. Silky seems surprised that anyone would have singled her out, which is ridiculous, given her behaviour. But she responds with a one liner (I have a big straw for sucking), and receipts - she holds a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and will soon attain a PhD in Global Leadership. Even though this bit of manufactured drama amounts to nothing but more attention being paid to Silky, she's miffed that competitors would talk behind her back - again, ridiculous.Has she not seen this show before?

The Queens go before co-directors Michelle and Ross to shoot their scenes. As usual, the editors compile a sequence that makes both teams look like incompetent boobs. Standouts: Miss Vanjie's Cookie Monster dad has the directors in tears, and Mercedes cannot quite grasp the concept, or even the words, 'Opulence! You own everything!' Her hilarious mispronuciation, 'Oppalens. You. Owe. Ereythang.' should sell well on her merch.

The Runway

Category is... What's Your Sign?

While getting ready for the runway, Silky, rocking an avant garde whiteface makeup, is determined to find out who was dogging her, ahem, reputation. Team Brooke Lynn at first remains silent, but Ariel eventually owns up to the criticism. Nothing comes of that. But then Yvie, who was on Silky's team but otherwise has nothing to do with the issue, congratulates Ariel for being forthcoming and castigates the others for not stepping up. Rah'Jah takes offense, understandably but unnecessarily, and objects, which invites a pointless exchange of insults about who's makeup is better. In confessional, heated Rah'Jah calls Yvie ugly. Silky decides to wipe off the white paint and start again.

Standouts on the runway

  1. Vanjie's red rose Libra scale confection looks impeccably constructed.
  2. Brooke Lynn's Pisces fish fantasy, with watery splash ruffs is the Hytes of Drag.
  3. Ra'Jah's slinky Capricorn is the only one to capture the fish/serpentine aspect of the symbol.
  4. Yvie's unconventional Techno Leo definitely stood out, but I thought it looked messy.
  5. Poor Mercedes Iman Diamond's Sagittarius look was not up to par with the competition.
  6. Kahanna Montrese's Aries dress, while decent, had the look of a repurposed costume with horns slapped on to meet the category requirement.


Both films are screened. With the addition of digital backgrounds and the omission of shady editing, the performances don't seem as cringey as what was shown during filming. For the most part.

Why It Gotta Be Black, Panther? featuring Team Brooke Lynn Hytes

Good God Girl, Get Out! Featuring Team Silky Ganache

Scarlet and Yvie tie for the win.

Mercedes and Kahanna must lip sync for their lives.


The Lip Sync

The song is You Betta Work, Bitch, by Britney Spears

After doffing her big wig for a more serviceable pussy-cat, Mercedes catches fire, giving a dramatic and focused performance of this song, which, let's face it, has pretty thin lyrical content. Kahanna struggles to pull attention despite some flashy, not entirely successful gymnastics, performed in character heels.

Kahanna Montrese

 Want to see what other drama pops out when the Queens untuck?

Want to find out what Kahanna has to say for herself and see some of the Drag she didn't get to wear?

Tune in Thursady at 9 EDT for another episode of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 11, and check back here for another tall frosty glass of Pink Lemonade!