In the Bag, Products We Love: Glamorous Chicks Glitter Lips Combo

In the Bag, Products We Love: Glamorous Chicks Glitter Lips Combo

We can't say for sure if Drag Queens invented glitter lips, but we can be certain whoever it was wanted her lips to sparkle and shine as only glitter can do. There are many ways to achieve a perfect sparkle puss, but we've found a kit that offers all the things you want in a glitter lip: ease of application, ultra long wear, and fun super sparkly color combinations!

The Glamorous Chicks Glitter Lips Combo combines the lasting qualities of a 24 hour wear liquid lipstick and the crazy sparkle of fine cosmetic glitter. Create show stopping lip lewks with these gorgeous lip combos - eat, drink and be Mary without worrying about your lip budging all night.

Apply to one lip at a time to prevent lipstick from drying before you apply the glitter. Pat glitter on top of the wet lipstick before it dries. Continue application of lipstick and glitter to the other lip. Avoid eating oily foods to keep the makeup long lasting - drinking does not affect wear.

This product is extremely long wearing and may not remove easily with ordinary makeup remover- we recommend Glamorous Chicks Get It All Off Makeup Remover or other oil-based removers specifically designed to break down and remove long-wear makeup. On the plus side, you never have to worry about inadvertently eating the glitter off  your lips!

The Combo can also be used on the eyes for long lasting, waterproof, glitzy effects. Includes one liquid lipstick base and one glitter.

Choose classic Holiday Red (for the look popularized by Sasha Velour), 24 Karat Red (deep red with red and gold glitters), Black Glitter, Futuristic Nude (nude beige with pale champagne holographic glitter, as shown), Pink Grapefruit (deep pink with matching glitter), Merlot and Purple Passion (berry with light purple glitter), Royal Caribbean (royal blue with matching glitter), or Vegas Baby (midnight brown with blue multi-tone glitter).

You won't believe how beautifully sparkly and long-wearing these Lip Combos are!