Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome To The Stage: DQM!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome To The Stage: DQM!

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We’ve created a special place for Drag performers, artists, fans and glamour lovers to get up into this Drag Queen Makeup gig! Everything we bring you here is about performance and impact - Drag Queen and Makeup Artist approved, for stage, film/TV, or just LIVING your most SNATCHED life. #Shessnatched

Glamour Queens, Pageant Queens, Local Queens, TV Queens, Butch Queens, Clown Down Queens, Spooky Ooky Kooky Queens, we got chu! Drag Kings and other artists who perform in makeup, we want you to feel at home as well. You don’t have to be a Queen to love Drag Queen Makeup, but it sure do help!

We have curated a selection of makeup products, tools, and accessories from fan favorite established professional brands (we're authorized dealers for Kryolan Professional Make-up, Ben Nye, Mehron, Graftobian, and Cinema Secrets), from indie Drag faves, like Cozzette and Drag Off, and from international skincare brands (coming soon), plus informative tutorials, entertaining transformations by sickening Queens, and tips to get your mug PAINTED and looking RIGHT, OKRRRR.

Baby Dragoons, Mother is coming! Our Virtual Drag Mom will nurture you with makeup tips, professional advice, product recommendations, kits, brushes, video tutorials - everything you need to help you pass through your booger phase as painlessly as possible! You'll also want to check out Ax a Queen Who Knows, our advice column where experienced Queens spill their tea for the children.

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 And remember, if you can’t beat your own face, how in the hell are you gonna beat somebody else’s face? CAN I GET AN AMEN?