Pink Lemonade: RuPaul's Drag Race S11 Episode 10

Pink Lemonade: RuPaul's Drag Race S11 Episode 10

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Episode 10: Dragracadabra, Poof! She gone, honey!


 The Maxi Challenge: Dragracadabra


The Runway: Caftan Realness

 The Judging

 Despite receiving arguably the harshest critiques from the judges for her Maxi Challenge performance, Silky escapes the bottom two. Everyone on Team The Mighty Tucks (Nina, Brooke, and Shuga) garners praise for the polished ease and delightful humor of their act, but Shuga was singled out for not rising to the level of her teammates and for her unsuccessful triple reveal on the runway. As we have seen, Team Black Magic struggled with cohesiveness, engagement and landing jokes. At the first opportunity, Yvie throws her teammates under the bus, suggesting that she was the only one who wanted to make a concrete plan for the performance, while the others believed straight improv was the way to go. Vanjie took exception, sparking a tense back and forth in front of the judges.

The Challenge win goes to Nina West, who truly deserved it for the over-the-top performance she turned in.

In the end Vanjie and Shuga are the bottom two.

The Lipsync and Elimination

 Shuga, not being a fool, has re-donned the satin and fur caftan that the judges liked best, and the girls get to work on Mary J. Blige's 2001 Hit No More Drama. This is not a bucking and twirling number, so Vanjie's dance background really does not afford her an advantage. Both players emote strongly, but Vanjie manages to build her performance in intensity while Shuga remains at about the same level throughout. 

Vanjie is awarded the shantay. Shuga sashays away. Rather undeserved IMO, since her team was far superior in the challenge. Silky should have been in the bottom based on performance, but perhaps the superior runway look kept her safe.

In any case, it's sad to see Miss Shuga go. She was always professional, positive, and didn't engage in shady shenanigans - maybe that's why she's no longer with us. Check out Shuga Cain's Post show presentations and follow her