Pink Lemonade: Rupaul's Drag Race S11 Episode 3

Pink Lemonade: Rupaul's Drag Race S11 Episode 3

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Episode 3 Diva Worship: The One with All the Mariah Carey Shade

 The Girls return from the Main Stage after Khanna's elimination and everyone seems mightily relieved, including Kahanna, (not shown). Vanjie praises Mercedes determination to stay, but wisely points out that Mercedes is struggling with both her looks and in the fierce competition of personalities going on within the group. 'Pick a struggle, bitch!' 

Nina is feeling disappointed with herself for not shining brighter in the acting challenge. While Ariel concedes that she had underestimated challenge winners Yvie and Scarlet, Silky completely disrespects Ariel's abilities as a performer because of her Instagram popularity.

The Mini Challenge

The next morning, the Queens only have time to chassez into the Werk Room and enthuse a bit about one more ho being gone, before the 'Ooh Girl' siren calls them to fall in. Glamazon Ru appears on VT to deliver a cryptic message littered with liturgical literacies, against a background of soaring gothic stained glass windows. Daddy Ru busts in straightaway, sporting the signature slim suit in a loudish yellow plaid, to set up the challenge: The Competitors must talk their way past Ru as the doorkeeper at an after concert party for Seduction, featuring one Michelle Visage. Whoever lays down the best rap wins the challenge. They have 15 minutes to get into quick drag - there's a lot of that this season.

The Queens rock up to the door with varying degrees of swagger and BS. The real star of the the show, is Ru as the bored rude door keeper, trading sassy quips with the wannabe Seduction fangirls. Ultimately Ra'Jah, looking like Starrbooty's little sister, and Nina West are declared winners.

The Maxi Challenge

The mini challenge winners choose teams for an improv challenge two Shevangelical Talk Shows, where they will preach and teach the children about a pop music Diva of their choosing. Nina and Rah'Jah select teams with less drama than the previous episode, largely because the Queens chosen last don't make a fuss about it.

Team Nina chooses Britney Spears as their Diva and set to work delving into her mysterious ways. They seem to work well together and have at least coherent things to say about their chosen Diva when Ru stops by to check on their progress

Team Rah'Jah struggles to identify a single pop Diva that the team members love and appreciate. In the end, they settle on Mariah Carey - ultimately a mistake, as none of them seem to know even the most basic information about the Elusive Chanteuse. Ru, no doubt tipped off by the producers quizzes the team on their Diva and strongly hints that their lack of knowledge will spell trouble and that a change of course is still possible. But there's no turning this ship of fools, and the challenges goes about as badly as it possibly could.

The teams shoot with 

The Runway

Category is... Fringe


Scarlet Envy in a pristine white corset dripping with silvery glass beaded fringe.

A'Keria Davenport in a bodycon gown (which is becoming her signature) and fringed Flash Gordon chinoiserie headdress.

Yvie Oddly, serving fresh jellyfish covered in a cascade of pink tendrils and little else, judging from her thorough body makeup application.


Both skits are screened. Team Nina work well together and deliver a solid performance as an ensemble of Britney worshipping church ladies. The other team fail in every way - they are disorganized and unprepared, fail to generate any humor, and know nothing about their Diva, Mariah Carey.

Clearly, Team Nina are the winners and captain West is named overall winner for her performance as host.

Ru, in a rare fit of temper (you know Mother is really mad when she risks popping her lift tapes!) asks who is responsible for Team Rah'Jah's disastrous showing. No one steps up to take responsibility or to assign blame. After having their asses handed to them for their collective cultural illiteracy and lack of responsibility, the losing team Queens are ALL up for elimination!

In a Drag Race first, all six will lip sync simultaneously for their lives, with no prior knowledge of how many Queens will be eliminated. The goopery!

The Lip Sync

The song is an *ahem* unusual remix of Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez.

It's a mess y'all! Six Queens on the stage (at least at first), in their runway looks,  vying for the attention of the judges and their right to stay in the competition. It's hard to watch and harder to see anyone standing out or falling short. Honey Davenport leaps from the stage in a jump split (or sorts), drawing Ru's eye and sealing her fate. Jumping off the stage is a disqualifying offense at Mama Ru's house, even when it's an overcrowded shambles.

One by one the Ru saves the terrified Queens until only Shuga and Honey remain. Shuga is safe, and Honey Davenport sashays away tearfully in a shock elimination.

 Don't you hear us calling you, Miss Honey? Although a seasoned Queen and a strong competitor until now, Honey failed to stand out for the right reasons in a sea of Davenports.

Here's Honey in her first ever makeup tutorial, waxing philosphical on a variety of subjects while beating one hell of a mug.

And here's Honey spilling tea and sharing a kiki with Michelle Visage.

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