Brand Spotlight: SUVA Beauty Arrives at DQM!

Brand Spotlight: SUVA Beauty Arrives at DQM! brings our Queens and other glamour lovers only the best high performance cosmetics. That's why we're so pleased and proud to announce the arrival of SUVA Beauty on DQM.

SUVA Beauty is one of our favorite indie brands. Known for strong pigmentation and saturated vibrant colors, the SUVA Beauty makeup range is a perfect fit for Drag performers. Founder Shaina Azad describes the brand as  'bold, inventive, imaginative, weird and cheeky.' We think that's pretty much the job description for Drag Queens! In addition, all SUVA Beauty cosmetics are vegan and cruelty-free, with no added sulfates, phthalates or gluten

SUVA Beauty Hydra Liner is a standout product from this brand, and with its strong color and durability, a great addition to your Drag makeup kit. Sometimes you have to draw a hard line... on your face! Hydra Liners are water activated, multi-purpose cake eyeliner paints for adding precise color to your makeup. Mixed with a bit of water, setting spray, or mixing medium, Hydra Liners create graphic effects or lay down a perfect budge-proof base color. Available in classic matte, shimmery metallic, and bright UV finishes, all of the versatile, mixable, shades we have hand selected for DQM make a statement.

The SUVA Beauty Block Party Palette is on its way to iconic status among bright color lovers. The ten bold, intensely pigmented shades in light reflecting shimmers and saturated mattes - deep jewel tones, poppy brights, shimmery pastels, plus a matte white - allow you to create both subtle and highly artistic looks. The collection comes in an eye catching, lightweight portable palette with a mirror.

If you like the Block Party Palette, you'll love SUVA Beauty Eyeshadow Singles. SUVA Beauty Eyeshadows are made with a buttery hybrid cream to powder formula with a built in primer, for amazing color payoff, formidable durability, and guaranteed water resistance, even if your face gets completely submersed. Both matte and shimmer textures of SUVA Beauty Eyeshadows are crease resistant, highly pigmented and blend beautifully.

Want to give Farrah Moan a run for her money? SUVA Beauty Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops feature a bright, highly reflective, high quality formula for highlighting, illuminating or strobing anywhere on your face and body. But be careful, this highlight may be more intense than what you have experienced with other illuminating drops. This skin enhancing formula contains pomegranate, vitamin E and other natural emollients.

SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipstick is a mildly scented, moisturizing lip formula, designed for day long hydration and staying power. The flexible formula combines the durability of liquid lipsticks and comfort of cream formula in one product. Note: this product does not dry down to a dry, transfer-proof finish, but rather behaves more like a conventional matte cream lipstick. 

Check out our selection of SUVA Beauty at DQM. We think you'll love them as much as we do!