We got you, girl! DragQueenMakeup.com is here because until now, there has been no online resource dedicated to providing the materials, tools, and information professional Drag performers need, all in one place. Everything we offer here is about meeting Drag Queen's specific needs - CoverGirl, don't cover boy! Glamour Queens, Dancing Queens, Ooky Kooky Spooky Queens we're bringing you all the stuff you need to express your art and share your fantastic vision.

DragQueenMakeup.com is the newest brand of the ClownAntics family, which includes industry leading professional makeup suppliers www.facepaint.com, and www.clownantics.com. Clown Antics was founded in 1988 near San Diego, California, selling professional clown makeup and clowning supplies. Our conversations with Drag Queens and makeup artists who buy clown makeup and face paint supplies revealed the need for a dedicated space that showcases makeup, tools and information for Drag Queens.

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